Thursday, July 27, 2006

Market Day

have been trying to up load a couple of photos, but not working at the moment, was going through my pics later night and thought i would put up a some of my favorites, now this is difficult as i love all my photos! i have so many regular photographs, you know the old fashioned sort, on paper kepts in paper wallets! not on a disc or computer! bit like talking about my old record collection on vinyl... and now with mp3 players, this next generation wont even know what cd's are soon!

back to the photos though, i have so many... and when franco and i started dating i kept saying i want you to see this photo or that photo, till he said when we retire he will look at them all then! yes i have so many, i actually want to put them all together in boxes or something, so they will be kept better and easier for me to look through, well one day i get round to it, i remember moms album... an old suitcase, she had just chucked them all in there! there they still are! talking of mom, she had a funny turn at the bus stop yesterday, came over all light headed, i think its the weather theyre having in enland, a bit hotter than usual, and mom is very susceptible to the heat, she was fine by the time bus got to her stop 5 minutes later, thank goodness, and then in a shop today a lady, who i met yesterday while looking at furniture and took my name as i had left a deposit, walked up to me and said hello muriel! instead of marian, now that is strange as muriel is my moms name! and she dosent know her! spooky stuff!

i went to meet my friend down at the market, but was too hot to walk round so we just went up to bar rosa and had a cool drink and awaited her family to catch us up there! and there we sat for about two hours watching the world go by, its a great place to do so too, its right in the middle of town, round about with four way junction to watch the world pass, on scooters cars trucks, and of course those on foot! lots of holiday makers here now, all shiney and bright pink from too much sun too quick!

no photos still not working, will come back and add later if its working!

have been in comunication with a company who does promotion work for their clients, as i thought i would like to try that, would be great fun at malaga airport promoting 'things', and i have been added to their list, and given hours i will work etc, and filled out all the forms, its like i have got a job without having an interview! how weird is this! well i suppose time will tell if i actually get sent a time and place to go... or not, very strange.

Friendship has a special meaning when you have someone with whom to share tears and laughter, fears and dreams, and silence when the time for words is past...


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