Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gibraltor... well nearly!

hello, phew its hot, nearly 730pm and just home, its saying 39C/102.2 in the shade up on our roof! really should have an image here, i took some pics but not sure if they came out and am too exhausted to find out this evening!

bed late last night after that fantastic match, talk about last minute, or second! gooooooooooo italia! now tonight to find out who they play.

up early this morning, picked up friend from other side of town, such a small town, and to walk is about 20 minutes or so, but to drive now with all these roads either closed or changed direction! took nearly as long by car! got to dona lola for collection and the big coach came, a double decker and we were up top, near the front, good views, we were so high up! about an hour and half later we were lining up to go through passport control still in the coach, and friend joked saying she had forgotten her passport, yeah funny girl! then found that she had her husbands passport, well whatever day of the week she cannot pass for him! or him for her! so she had to get off at the boarder! i went in, got what we needed, although something for her i couldnt as it turned out, and i was back at the border about 1215, an hour after going in, she saw me, well couldnt miss me in the long green and purple dress i had on today, and we went for a cold drink, its a long way to walk back over the run way, on my approach to it the barriers were down and a plane was coming in, then when i was half way over the run way the siren started up again and the barriers came back down, we were all wondering what the heck to do, go on, turn back, lay down!!! then they stopped and the barriers came back up? how bizarre!

we went for a walk towards the town of la línea... the line, in english, i said how nice a market would be right now, somewhere to look round till the coach came back about 330, and there one was! as if by magic! i guess its always there on a wednesday, but we didnt know, so we walked around the market, got a few bits and pieces, i got a nice pair of summer shoes for 8€ and a new pair of big spongy flip flops for the house for 3€! we went into a bar on the way back to the border and arrived there about 230, early i know, but we didnt want to miss the coach!

well the law from going from gib to spain is, as its not in the EU either one carton of cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or a 250grm of backy and one litre of alcohol, well we watched a group gang whatever walk back and forth with cartons of cigarettes! there were ten in the gang minium, and they went through in pairs one time, alone another, a mother with pram went through either with her mom and or sister, they changed hair styles, and clothes! in that hour they must have come and gone a minimum of four times each! so a minimum of 40 cartons of fags! now i thought you could only have that one carton each day, not keep coming and going all day! they were all giving it to a man who didnt go though, we called him limpy, as he was (limping)! after a while they were watching us watching them! maybe they thought we undercover agents, well we were begining to feel like it!

then our fun was over as the coach came and drove us home, well as far as calahonda, where we had a drink and awaited francos arrival to carry us home!

what a day, none of it planned, totally strange, another one for the memory pot! and.... dont forget your passport, or should i say your own passport!

cómo va esta vida... how this life goes


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