Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hair Extensions

just heard the most terrible thing on tv, the hair from hair extensions, most of it comes from india, and most of that is temple hair, as in the hair is given by women in the temples for prayers, they think it is in the temples, they dont know its being sold to be weaved into rich womens hair over here! some are paid a pittance for thier hair and have it completely shaved off, men women and children, some are just given sweets or lucky charms for it!

i must admit i had never even thought where it came from! when i was waiting for a friend in the hairdressers a month or so ago, i watched hair extensions being put in and thought how beautiful it looked and all the girls in that store all have extensions.

after its been cut its taken to be processed... ie, alot of it has lice or fleas, and people work 15 hour days for hardly any money there also, and suffer from severe resporatory problems due to working with fine hair.

well i think i would think twice now about this!

work was hard going yesterday for all of us, was quite quiet, which makes the day go slower, infact the slowest day i have had there, maybe because the heat was putting people off, exhausting, and exhausted is how i feel today still! franco says i should stop going in, but although its hard going its good to be out with people in that work environment, i know under normal circumstances i cant stand up for more than half hour without needing to sit down, and it must be adrenalin that keeps me going at work, its really doing me in, just holding my coffee cup is hurting this morning, and keeping my head up is a struggle, its not made better by the fact that i dont feel i can go to my doctor, he says, i think i have said before... he says my fibromyalgia does not exist! he also thinks RSI and ME dont either! i have recently contacted the fibromyalgia assoc, back in england and think maybe i will give them a call today. its sad i know, but even after 17 years of having this, or does it have me? i still keep hoping there will be a miricle drug or plant or anything really that would help me! i have tried so many over the years.

ok, sorry folks having a bit of a feel sorry for myself moment!

probably just going as far as the chinese at the top of the street today for a new washing line! yesterday it broke completly and all the clean clothes being half damp still landed on the floor! the line had been braking all over, must be the heat! so its up there today only, pippa had her walk already of course, we were out at 730am this morning, while its still cool enough, dont want to burn her little paws on hot pavements later in the day either!

i need my paulo coelho quotes again... so am starting from the begining of the diary once more...

The glory of the world is transitory,
and we should not measure our lives by it,
but by the choice we make
to follow our personal legend,
believe in our utopias and fight for our dreams.



forget me not said...

Oh Marian, I didn't realize you have health problems! The heat must really be awful, poor thing! I know what you mean about the keep going attitude. If you sit home, you'll feel worse! You seem very much like the type of person that needs contact, (real, not only virtual) with others. Then when you get home you have the wash and whatever else you need to do, that certainly won't get done by itself! But do try to take it easy, ok?

Marian said...

thank you for your kind words, sorry i was so sorry for me this morning, i am feeling bit better now, its been 104 today! the heat does help my joints, but then if you cant cool down its sufforcating! but i can put up with the heat, england is... wetter and colder!

forget me not said...

Well, you take it easy anyway, ya hear?!