Sunday, July 30, 2006

Favorite places

short but sweet today, had bad migrane, started saturday afternoon and went to bed early, didnt get until this morning, sunday, so feeling very weird and wobbly and sight not good, already correcting more typos than writing so....

above first a favorite place i have been to, tabarca, off the coast by santa paulo, in alicante province, such a beautiful little island, you go by a small boat, last crossing back is quite early in the evening so if you dont get it... your stuck, half the island is just grass! the other a few restaurants and bars, some houses, and an abandoned church, so sad, mind you i havent been there for 5 years now, so maybe its been cared for by now, i hope so, nothing so sad as a lifeless church... its closed off with barbed wire! there is only a couple of streets and NO cars! there are cliffs around the end where there are houses, but to the grass end you can just walk out into the sea... beautiful, aparently it was over taken by pirates, some years ago! and back then they would raid the mainland for food and women! the later they would chuck over the cliffs when they were finished with, and, aparently you can still hear their crys of help from the cliff edge.... i can imagine a few days there would be so calming, reading and just chilling out, but a whole week? no i would go crazy!

the second photo is in scotland, eileen donan castle, lock duich, i would really love to go there, it just looks so peacefull..... i think they may have used this castle filming that movie with catherine zeta jones and sean connery called entrapment, it looks the same.

gotta go... too blurrry...



forget me not said...

Sorry you're not feeling well Marian. I know well what it means to have migraines, my pet malady. Truly debilitating! So rest up ok?
Off to church by the beach. What a lovely Mass we have on the piazza in front of the seaside church.

Marian said...

thank you, feeling better today, still a bit strange feeling in my head! but much better thank you.

a church by the beach, it sounds so idylic i can almost see it in my minds eye, how wonderful and peaceful and calming... i dont think theyre can be many places like that left here in spain, what with all the touristas! bless em!

i went to a place called gouves in crete with sarah a few years ago now, and we came across a little chapel right on the edge of the sea... will hunt down the photo!