Thursday, July 06, 2006

Return of the Ants

did i mention those huge ants that pippa and i were having to negotiate every morning had just disappeared! i dont think i did, it was about a week ago.... well they are back and now no longer earthbound they have taken to the skys! only more at head level! blooming awful things flying all over the place and very clumsy, never saw flying ants like these before, i did wonder where they had gone, i nievley thought they had gone to ground in this heat... not the opposite!

41C/105.8F this afternoon at 430, its starting to hot up now...

today just a walk into town and back, got caught on film in the high street, although as i'm sure it will be on spanish telly i wont get to see it!

goodness only knows how franco can bear to work in this heat, we moan and run to the shade, seaking out the shady side of the streets and air conditioned shops hanging around the freezer sections, then there are the holiday makers sitting on the beach then put up their parasols for shade, but there is no relief for people working in it! he is the color of mahogony, then says ¨do i have a tan yet?¨ ¨am i brown?¨

Friendship doubles your joys, and divides your sorrows...


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