Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 12th We're the Americans

my mom reminded me of a meal we had in sevilla a few years back now, we were with a day tour up from the coast... lunch time at a table with a family of three, mom dad daughter, a couple, a lady on her own and us two... conversation was passing around well and during the second course the 'dad' said to the couple are you americans? and they almost leaped from their chairs saying no we are canadians! see here are our maple leaf pins! there was a bit of normal chit chat for a while, some a little detremental to us americans but i let 20 mintues go by then casually said, actually our accents can be a little misleading, but we are the americans at this table!

naughty i know, but i couldnt resist, everyone but the canadians thought it really funny! i'm cheeky!

that day was in a february and it was a freezing 10 degrees, couldnt wait to get back down to the coast away from the cold and drizzle we had had all day, it was a better 19 down there!

feeling much better today, more my usual self, leaving home at 930 and getting back around 3pm 5 to 6 hours on my feet is really doing me in these days, takes another 24 hrs to get over it!

pippa met a new friend today on our walk a little boy dog from down the street, but he is moving soon down to el faro down on the coast! pippa was also freaked out by a hub cap this morning!

Love is a friendship caught on fire...



Honora said...

Oh it's funny, Marian.. until I traveled a bit, I didn't realize how rough and tough (and ofttimes, crass) we Americans can seem. Loud, pushy, presumptuous..

I have seen the gentility and graciousness of Europeans here and there a bit, and admired it. Until I dined in Ireland, I didn't realize that we aren't to shovel food in, but are to use knife and fork for everything, and to even cut bread or roll (not fold it and stuff it in). :-) I had to ask directions on how to eat peas, and my Irish host said never to run out of mashed potatoes to buttress them with!

I'm trying to outgrow some of my rough edges, and this is another way that the internet is real blessing, yes?

Thank you so much for sharing your life, love, hope and humor with us all. I honestly appreciate it. You are a joy to read.

Marian said...

honora... thank you so much for your comment, especially the last bit... i feel shy now, thank you again. i grew up in england and dont have an american accent but i do get loud, trouble is i dont realise it until i notice people are either joining in my conversations or just plain staring at me! and sorry i still tear up my rolls, and mostly just use a fork! my mom brought me up so i still have the habits and the american spelling!

forget me not said...

Echoing Honora, I look forward to your posts. People here always think I'm Canadian! Most of our people emigrated to Canada after the war and when they come back, they are called 'Americani' automatically. The Canadians are very quick to say, no, 'Canadesi'. I guess in town they associate the 2 countries as North America. If you think about it, in reality Canadians really ARE American, whether they like it or not!

Marian said...

forget me not... i guess no canadians read my blog eh! and i agree with you!

reading each others blogs is like spending a little time with a good friend... albeit virtual i know, i look forward to reading your life story, honora´s beautiful poetry, glimpses into other peoples lives, they broaden our own and expand us in a way.