Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rain in Spain

i cannot believe it! rain? here in july? whats going on, malaga had a huge thunder storm yesterday morning and some rain down in fuengirola, only a drop or two here literally as i was hanging up the washing, no more than that, and now today half hour past, thunder lots of it rolling in over the mountains... and some rain, still not much just a few drops or as franco would say its picking! i still laugh to myself the first time he came home saying it was picking outside! picking i said! who is picking what? no its picking he said? turns out picking is the same as spotting or few drops of rain, mind you spotting sounds silly now... who is spotting what!

market day today and i met up with friend and her lovely grand daughter, we wandered down and back, i was a lucky girl and got an early birthday present, a beautiful long kaftan, its only a house dress if you know what i mean! would be downright outragous to wear in public, the fabric is so fine and cool and its the most beautiful olive green color, to match my green eyes... lol...

a neighbor just came home and can see pippa on the front balcon and her and her little boy were calling pippas name to her and her tail was wagging so hard i could hear hit hitting the window and the bed at either shake of it... she loves to spend time up there now i have taken away her chair from the window, she can be as nosy as she wants to see who is about theyre business on our street!

yesterday was my honeys birthday! franco had a good day and we just did what we always do in the evening, down with the shutters and up with the draw bridge!

Love is the greatest refreshment in life...
pablo picasso


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