Monday, May 19, 2008

Combe Hill

sorry these photos are a bit small i wanted to get four on and not take up too much space!

these are all taken in combe hill near wendover and aylesbury in bucks, you can see five counties... did i tell you this already? must be my age! humph!

the views from this hill top are stunning, as you can see on this hot may day about 25º, not the clearest day but never mind! everything is in bloom and i mean everything....

i know i have lived away now for nearly three years but i cant ever remember a may being so flowery, and things when you wouldn't normally see them, like daffodils in may and tulips!?! then the blue bells, my favorite, still out every where...

then the fields were full of bright yellow buttercups and dandelions... there were wall flowers and forget me knots in everyone's gardens... the chestnuts trees were in full bloom either in white or pink or what looked like yellow? the may tree flower couldn't have been more out there! they looked like they were covered in bright white snow the may flower was so wondrous!

the grasses were lush and high the hedges were trying to overwhelm the curb sides... weeds were flourishing... i cant tell you how abundant every where i was the last two weeks, no wonder i had hay fever!!!

and a tummy bug, thanks tony, and then a migraine... thanks to whatever!

my flight home was ok, bit late taking off, about 3/4 hour, but we had a tail wind i guess and made it in on time, the nose of the plane had to be cleaned up a bit after coming in from malaga for our trip home, they had had a bird strike...

and at malaga franco and pippa.... arh! my sweethearts!

A search always starts with Beginner's Luck
and ends with the Test of the Conqueror.
The Alchemist


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