Monday, May 26, 2008

Woburn Abbey

here we are... mom and i, at woburn abbey, that would have been... two weeks ago today wasn't it? another beautiful day, we had been to milton keynes in the morning and then to here early afternoon, after a walk around the house (no photos allowed, because you know i would have had some on here pretty pronto!)

after our scones with jam and butter... mmmm, could just eat another one of those now! mom and i went for a small walk around the old place...

this beautiful tree... and the house beyond, this part of which was an art gallery and sculpture house...

this above is a folly! wish i could remember exactly what it is though for you... hang on....nope gone through the above link but couldn't find out about it there, although i did come across lots of job vacancy's!

i am so tired... i think i havent caught up with my 980 miles of driving on my holidays yet! i feel exhausted, but not really sleeping well either, and now i have been on here for an hour or more, just came across something and have up loaded a couple of my photos on it, on google maps, i didn't know you could put your photos on there? or did i? cant remember... anyway done that hopefully, i put on a couple of the photos i did for our alhaurín calender this year.

and now to my book...

It is not enough to dream of the impossible love
- it is necessary to conquer it too.
Veronika Decides to Die


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