Friday, May 30, 2008

Tribe? what tribe...

want to hear something really really funny?

above... a guy in the store today said "must read this, its about a tribe from (alhaurín) de la torre"... well later on i remembered this and grabbed a paper to read.... of course its not de la torre, or spain or any where near here! ¿what was i thinking? just call me marian the gullible please!

it IS actually on the brazilian/peruvian border.... an unknown tribe of people... please be my guest and read the article.... while i try to stop laughing at my silliness!

today, i emptied out my purse, and only carried into town what i really needed, i do carry things that are not always necessary, was hard leaving my camera behind... you know, just in case i saw something that needed quick photography...

The world lies in the hands
of those who have the courage to dream
and who take the risk of living out their dreams
- each according to his or her own talent.
The Valkyries


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