Wednesday, May 28, 2008

this is a rather strange clock thing that is in milton keynes, we were there eating at one pm and so saw it chiming... the frog coming up and blowing out bubbles, music playing and what not!!

not much more to say about it really, you have to be there to really appreicate it i guess..

these are my last photos for now of my holiday, still waiting to get tonys of the mom and baby elephant from the zoo.

weather not good, never had a may like this one, cloudy damp humid... rain early this morning, not working well with us trying to earn a bob or two at the market!

also quite quiet in town still, where are all the tourists? franco and i went down the coast yesterday afternoon to fuengirola, i had to sort out some new glasses for me!?! and it was very quiet there too, although we were there when most of the shops were still closed... and then it started to rain!

People always arrive promptly
at the places where they are expected.
The Pilgrimage


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