Thursday, May 15, 2008

hey there amigos.... well how do i look? i have had a face lift! just kidding, its only my blog thats changed not me! that would be impossible by now...

i have added verve earth and had to up date to do so, not an easy task - for me that is, i had about ten tabs open up there and had to keep going back and forth and talking aloud for me to do it, also hoping at the same time tony would say 'what on earth are you doing' and help me! says he didnt notice me doing it, and i suppose after all i managed by myself didnt i!

thursday morning now, just after half seven am, and its looking grey, weather changed now, after the clouds yesterday coming and going they have just stayed put now! and its raining, but i have been sooooo lucky two weeks here tomorrow and this is the first day of bad weather... but who knows may brighten yet eh!

yesterday... oh hang on forgot sunday! only i most certainly havent forgotton sunday... tony steph and i went to the zoo zoo zoo... do you remember that record? "we're going to the zoo zoo zoo, how about you? you can come too too too, we're going to the zoo zoo zoo"!!!

sorry couldnt stop singing it on out way... most annoying... no wonder they put me in the back seat and turned up the radio! ;-)

so... we went to whipsnade zoo, we had a wonderful day... i hadnt been there is so many years i couldnt remember when, but i could remember where things were, and if they had been moved, for instance the elephants... and oh we had such a special.. well i suppose a show really at the elephants enclosure, and right at the end of the day there for us too, a mother and her 4 months old baby were making their way over to a water hole area with sands and rocks nearby, the baby was walking in his mothers shadow right under her and she had to walk carefully over him to avoid crushing him!

and once at the water she started to drink, and he did, then she started to suck up sand and shower it over her, sometimes getting down on a back leg and rub more sand, he tryed rolling over to cover himself in sand! and after she had completly covered her self she started rubbing the sand in with the rock! and he copied her... and finally she washed herself off with the water... it really was a fantastic thing to see, no high fences and no one infront of us, the few people who were there were like us, mesmerised by the whole thing, tony took loads of photos, my battery had gone by then! and he took a small video so i will get all of the photos on here soon.... watch this space please!

and of course apart from the elephants there was much much more, this is my favorite zoo, i guess because when the boys were small we lived quite near and had a family yearly pass and we would just come up whenever we wanted, after school weekends, whenever we wanted, and that was all of the time! only then it cost 25 pounds for the year for the pass... it cost us 55 pounds for the three of us on sunday, not including a bite to eat and drinks later.... both tony and steph caught the sun... we forgot the lotion!

and monday mom and i went to woburn, where i was a week last monday, but not the safari this time, the house... this was nice too, we had been to milton keynes shopping centre first! so had two hours in the house and then stroll round the gardens after a scone or do you say scone? with jam, we sat out by the tea rooms... very posh eh! it was very quiet there, we only actually saw maybe 4 or 5 people in the house other than us, and we were never in the same room as them at any time... which was really nice, bit like a private tour or just wandering round someones house alone!!!?? apart from a very quiet person sitting in each room to offer information or assistance of course! and stop people from running over the furniture...

yesterday, wednesday i went to get mom and came back here to st albans and we had a nice day just wandering round the shops.. and it was only getting back to the car a couple of hours later i realised we hadnt gone to the abbey, fancy going to st albans and not seeing the abbey mom? she said it was ok... next time...

tony came home early from work on tuesday not feeling well and didnt go in at all yesterday, so we watched more heroes... finished the whole of the first series now, that was 23 episodes! and are into the 11 of the second series... i think the first 2 or maybe 3?

i am dreaming heroes now, so many so fast...


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