Sunday, May 11, 2008

Must be getting used to british time now... its 12.30am and still awake and kicking!

went out with tony and steph and got a bit tired... poor old thing that i am and they sent me home in a cab!

then i have watched a funny scary movie and had a shower and feel lots more awake...

whats happened since tuesday though... wednesday went to get mom and we went to kent, strood nr rochester to be exact to see friends who live there... of course! had a good old catch up on events and went out for lunch, back for coffee and home again... took about an hour and half there and same back mas o menos... i usually get to see maggie and cath and family once a year since moving to spain, before maybe 2 or 3 times a year i think... these are two girls who my mom was best friends with their mom, and me with them... so we have known them, shall we say some time now! always good to meet up and never feels like its been so long...

thursday... i had a 'date' with sarah and baby callum in aylesbury, met up with mom first and we went up to combe hill near there just for the pleasure of it, such beautiful views across i think 3 counties from there... the weather was wonderful and there were a few dog walkers out, i know pippa would love it up there forsure!

and so to town and good look around, coffee in costas of course... and then mom went home and i met up with sarah, more coffee in costas! and then look around the shops... we talk about the high price of parking in spain but it cost me 10 pounds to get out of the car park! that would be over 12 euros!!!! crazy prices there, in berkhamsted its about 20p for an hour, different county different council of course!

friday, yesterday, mom and i went out with my friends dot and eddie who used to live in alhaurin el grande a few years back now, i used to work with dot at mercedes-benz in aylesbury, when it was pentagon, and we have stayed in touch ever since, first i was visiting them in spain, then we had a couple of years both of us there, then they returned to aylesbury... had a nice lunch in a pizza express!


enough already for today!

A man should live if only to satisfy his curiosity.


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