Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whipsnade Zoo

look at these cute lemurs... they were so were here at the zoo... tony steph and i here were there a week last monday, wonderful weather... the keeper had just gone into their, above, enclosure and they were watching and following her around like pippa does me here at home...

below an avenue of wonderful cherry blossom trees.... and the petal were falling a flying about in the breeze....

the bird below i cant remember what type it is? only that his name is richard!!! he didn't do a thing he should have and kept laying down and having a dust bath in front of everyone.. he was cute also!

i am back in full swing here now at home in alhaurín el grande... weather ok(?) bit cloudy this afternoon, but very very warm.

franco and i went down to the huge market in benalmadina... looks a great place, so next week all being well franco will be down there selling our garden ornaments.. did i put a photo up of the beautiful cherubs he has made? ok, manaña...

the market is right next to the park i used to take my lunch break ,while i was doing the promotions job at the tobacconist next to the round about with all the wind mills on down along the paseo, the park has rabbits and peacocks and chickens!?! lots of amusements for the kids and just a nice place to go to relax too... it has a bar restaurant there too.

we had never been to the market before, not sure why!

All suffering goes just as it came,
so it is with the glories and tragedies of the world
The Fifth Mountain


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