Friday, May 23, 2008

this little guy above is our cherrub ornament that franco has made for us to sell on the markets... see you at the S.E.P.E. horse and donkey place this sunday folks! hope for good weather.... and some shade also! we have mostly the above, in white, but a pale blue one franco has done looks real nice and i think in gold too would look good!

and now.... back to whipsnade zoo!! above a shot that looks away from the zoo over the hills of gold (rape seed plants) and away towards... i think probably milton keynes somewhere over there!

and yes... another peacock, not zoomed in this one, here he was just relaxing and talking in the superb day...

had trouble with this little feller, a young giraffe... i did climb onto a bench but still couldnt get a full photo of him in, so this is it i am afraid!

holiday today here in alhuarín el grande, lots going on with the feria today, only a few shops were open, well the newsagents and kiosks, the bars and restaurants and the panaderias of course!

yesterday, coín was closed and no one knew anything about it, just all the shops and businesses were closed, people were complaining on the radio, in the stores, here, very strange! maybe they all pulled a sick day for the heck of it!

franco went to the aqua mania boot sale today, there were lots of stalls but not many people looking, i guess everyone was at the feria here instead!

When you travel towards your objective,
be sure to pay attention to the path.
The path teaches us the best way to arrive.
The Pilgrimage


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