Thursday, May 29, 2008

going to be a short write today... tired and exhausted.... good 'ol fibromyalgia! and not great news today either, yesterday afternoon a poor lady sat in her car waiting to pull out at the inter section by bar rosa had her bag taken from in her car! she was on her own, car window only slightly down and bag near her, safely away from passenger doors etc... and then... gone!

then today some friends came in and they had been as good as mugged in town yesterday afternoon! stood waiting for a cab, minding their own business and it was smash and grab of her bag, left bruised and bloody afterwards...

and in last two days down at riveria del sol, near to calahonda, people out having a meal and there is a guy holding a gun to the womans head demanding money and jewelry!

felt very nervous coming home today, makes you wonder who will be next...

I believe that I am guided by chance encounters.
I believe in the miracle of chance encounters.
Unpublished by Paulo Coelho


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Anonymous said...

:-( How frightening.