Friday, May 09, 2008

looking back at my last blog i didnt even mention where the photos came from!

so catch up... left my friend and drove further south to st albans and tonys place, its an easy trip, via bedford up the A6 to st albans, but for some reason i saw signs for M1 at took that road... silly silly girl what a mistake to make, where i was, was probably 20 minutes from luton mas o menos, but i had to drive for at least 30 to 40minutes to actually get onto the M1 and then go to luton and get off at the airport turn and continue on...

once there, trip to supermarket for food.... pattern forming here....

and then we did a quick trip round a couple of garden centres... again? for house plants and home!

monday morning, bank holiday here in UK, we went to watford, i hadnt been there since i moved to spain so was good to see again, not actually changed much, some shop names i have never heard of but much the same... we popped in to see a friend of tonys she was working in a store i used to go in from a small child, it used to be called clements and now new owners and changes everywhere in store!

we then went to a supermarket to check out a new house phone for tony, and then another supermarket nearer home for grocerys... home lunch and out again!

we went, with two more friends of tonys to woburn safari park, where the photos came from!

it was ok, bit lacking in animals in some of the areas, for instance one wolf! one tiger! two big brown bears! but lots of lions, monkeys, camels and giraffes!!!

good trip... and not been there for so long couldnt really be sure when it was!

once back home we four walked into town and went to a local chain of pizza restaurants... not a good experience this time i am afraid, they had a party of 40 in and things went from bad to worse, never spent so long in a place like that, its almost fast food normally! but saying no more than this we did end up with free deserts, so thank you very much the banoffee pie went down a treat!

tuesday... day spent with stephanie... i drove over to aylesbury and she drove us from there to oxford, another city i love very much, we got the park and ride into town and sat up stairs right at the front like a couple of kids, well i was like a kid anyway!

have a mentioned the weather... today is cloudy at the moment, but up till now it has been hot hot hot, for england, been in the 20's so far, and i mean like 22 to 26, beautiful i have been very lucky indeed... not sure how much sun i mananged to bring with me in my suitcase or how long it will last we shall see....

we just wandered about and had a coffee, we lunched in debenhams, a big department store chain here, and then stopped on the outskirts of aylesbury at a pub called the bugle horn, out in the beer garden, just had to retype that, there were no bears in the garden!!! we also saw lots of birds near there in the car and from the pub garden... red kites... beautiful birds, wonderful to watch....

where am i now? tuesday pm...


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