Friday, October 15, 2010

Ok... Guess what I remembered something! And how on earth could I forget!? The Girls were off to Timbuktu on Saturday!

Above one of the quad bikes to go on the long long journey.... check out the skeleton on the back seat!

Andaluz TV were there to interview Katrina and Margo... And the Mayor of Alhaurín el Grande!

The full line up!

I asked the girls to look at each other for this shot...

They set off about 11:30am, after breakfast, a hearty meal and all that! There was a good turn out of people to wish them luck and send them on their way, they're on Fb if you want to track they're journey, its not without mishap already! My friend and I noticed the tow bars on the quads, they are already making use of these!

Today, I have lots to tell, but will save for tomorrow, or do later, we will see, I am a bit tired...


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