Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Well I went from feast to famine with my Blog didn't I!

Wednesday already and not a whisper from me for five days!

We had had a flyer in the mail box from the *Gas men*[maybe], apparently they did come round our street on Monday, the neighbours next door said they had called!

We went to see the lady down at our Casa de Cultura, now we have our foreigners department! She said you should never, EVER, let anyone into your house you have not invited in! Only a Repsol man, or someone they have commissioned, and only if you have phoned them to make an appointment and they tell who the company shall be, and the name of the engineer who will come, then, and only then can you let them in!!!

No one has any right to just say they are here to check out your gas pipes etc. Someone I was speaking to yesterday had let *them* in, and they went to an ATM with her so she could get money out to pay them! Scandalous!

The lady also gave me a phone number to call, its the mobile number of the police who drive around the town 24hrs a day, and although they change shifts, the number remains the same, she said if anyone comes to the door and won't leave, just call and they will get rid of them!

By the way, we saw two gas men down a street on our way to the Casa de Cultura!

Franco dropped me at the top of the high street later and I went into town, popped into my mate who works in the animal shop... she said I was a spy... because now I am back in Cudeca!

Yesterday, in Cudeca, in the new shop! Its great, a much better location, lots of people coming in who otherwise may not have even known the shop existed, up a side street where it was before...

Was busy anyway in the shop, and I was exhausted when I came out, got to our house just before 2pm, then found I didn't have the house key! Unbelievable! Luckily we leave a spare up the road and round the corner with friends, un luckily, they were out!

I came back down, knocked on our neighbours door, and asked for two favours, one to leave my stuff there, secondly to have a piece of paper and pen to write a note to put into friends house, for when they came home!

A much welcome third favour was they let me stay at they'res after I had gone back up the road to put the note through!

I didn't have the right bag either, so no glasses! No pen, no anything in it! Although that wasn't why I didn't have the keys, Franco was still at home and I think as I just left the house without having to lock up... I don't know! First time for everything, hopefully the last, and by luck I saw my friend who I leave the spare key with down town this morning, and gave it back to her, luckily remembering to even take it out with me this morning!

The note I had left under her door, I hadn't even put my name on it, just my number and that I hadn't got my key and needed the spare... I wasn't with it... She came home just after 4pm, so after collecting the key, I came home and put my self to bed with a painkiller, bad head and bad pain!

We went somewhere Monday morning? Can't remember where, but we did stop over in the garden centre on the Fuengirola road for a coffee... A friend was wandering round there so we asked her over to join us for coffee, then back to home...

And Sunday Franco painted about a third of the roof terrace with the rubber paint, we will finish it.... Soon! We had more rubbish up there which we have put out for the bin men, can't believe how much stuff they take...

I am having to fix typos alot today, I think I will leave you now, maybe I'm tired.... talk to you soon...

Before I go, just popped back to this time last year... I feel so different from only a year ago, my Mom, not being in this world has completely changed mine... Its shifted, at a kilter, and now will go on on this thread... Her going is still too big a thing to fit into my head, I still can't believe it, still want to phone her every day, still think she is back in Northchurch sitting in her arm chair and that I really should be phoning her in a minute... I imagine her in there, then the reality hits with a massive *bang* and I see her little palace as I left it, bereft, like me, empty...

I am still consumed with my grief, so badly that I hadn't seen [on fb], that the Mom of a dear friend of mine had passed away... She helped me through when my Mom was in hospital and before, and since. And me? I am still now whimpering on about me...


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