Thursday, October 28, 2010

So someone else got locked out of their house this week then David Cameron! Picked this up care of someone I follow on Twitter... Only difference is, i didn't have any staff in the house to let me back in, and however much I think Pippa is more human than dog... She is still unable to open the front door!

This morning Franco and I went to Alhaurín de la Torre, and to the poligino, [industrial estate] on the outskirts of the town, we followed a couple of streets and asked a couple of people[no help], and came to the company Guadalgas all by ourselves!

In we went, we spoke Spanish, as much as we could, and he understood us fine, although his English turned out to be better than our Spanish, but he thought we wanted to practice!!! Well yes maybe, but not when it comes to such important matters eh!

So, he was a fantastic help, we will be getting a call from his office, and so in these circumstances I will be arranging an appointment from an in coming call, because it is only if we, the consumer makes that call, that we know its the legal deal!

So said, as much as the lady yesterday, do not allow fraudulent [estafa] gas men in, he said the uniforms are easy to copy, only let them in if you have previously made the appointment yourself, and do not phone a number they may give you to check, if they give you the number, its their accomplices who are on the other end of that call!!!

So [its all *so* today isn't it!], So, they are calling and I have the name of the person who will call, and an appointment will be made and we will have our system checked, metal pipework put in where necessary, by law the new the connection from cookers must be a metal tube which the home owner can attach the rubber pipe... At the moment we have the rubber pipe coming out directly from the cooker... Well so be believe, will let you know!

As we were so close [sort of] to Ikea, we went there! Franco needed to get some things for a friend, we had a coffee, I don't think some people know that even though the rest of the store is still not open, you can go in and up in the elevator to the restaurant, and get fuelled up for the trip around the store! There were loads of people milling around down stairs, and when they came up, we were already sat down with our coffee's and a snack! A lot of them came into the restaurant, they must have wondered how the heck we got in there so fast and sat down!

We got a new chopping board, a good wooden one, I have always used a wooden board, as far as I believe they're better, healthier,

From T&G product care.. Quote -

Wooden boards are very hygienic, as recent research carried out at a leading American University has proved. Their findings have shown that wooden surfaces are capable of decontaminating themselves, without the aid of bleach or harsh cleaning solutions.

It is not entirely clear how woods defence mechanism works, but seemingly the bacteria are sucked into the porous surface and “strangled” by the anti-microbial chemicals with which living trees protect themselves.

Their tests proved that bacteria died very quickly on wood, but thrived on boards made from all types of polymer and rubber, and wood was simply the best hygienic choice. UN quote

So[!] We got a great board, it fits over the counter, from back to front that is! Its lip going over the edge of the counter top, I have oiled it, taken out the splinter I got whilst doing so! And should now last for years and years and years... ad infinitum...

Our last one was destroyed this past winter, I don't think Franco had used it since I went away, and by the time we came back in June it had gone green with mould and cracked, we had been using the tiniest cutting board in the whole world... And I have very nearly lost a finger or two cutting up without anything and using my hand as a board! Seeing Jamie Oliver every day using a fantastic looking wooden board which is a slice of a tree trunk, literally! It still have bark round the edge, got me wanted to replace the one we lost...

Ok, completely rambling now, so adió amigos...



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