Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nearly finished the [Sunday] trips worth of photos!

Above as we approached Cómpeta... Very big town, and one to return to when open! And on a week day me thinks!

It was a welcome sight too after what seemed like forever to reach when we left Torrox pueblo...

I am afraid we didn't actually see very much of the town, we were very tired by the time we got here... And the walk up to this church did us both in!

So we only left the car at the bottom of this very street, walked to the plaza at the top, and walked back down to the car!

At the church above, to the right an arch way, below, and to the side of the church, some very beautiful art work, another photo tomorrow....

I went into the Farmacia this morning and was told to take only the new meds I was prescribed yesterday! An English woman translated what I was [trying]saying to the woman at the counter... She said she had the same problem with the original meds I was on, a cough, its an allergic reaction! Oh and I am taking it in the morning! Now I know that's what I am supposed to do!

Franco and I did our shop in Mercadona this morning, so Franco bought home the bacon today, not Mercadona man!

Then I had tea in town with friends, first going into Cristinas to print out some flight itineraries! Two for others, one for myself!


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