Friday, October 29, 2010

Mom is having her name read out in St Mary's on Sunday, did I mention that already? Wish I could be there to hear...

Worked in Cudeca this morning, just for a couple of hours, and am working Friday next week also, short on staff at the moment, was a busy couple of hours, the time goes by very fast in there, and on Fridays there are two Spanish speakers which is good, good for customers, but good for us too, more practice!

This evening my friend and I went to the Case de Cultura and the exhibition there of art work by Mary Gregoriy, which encompassed prints and medallic art. Once again Andaluz TV was there, we laughed and said whoever is watching it will say, "there's those two woman again..." me and mate being caught on camera the other week when Margo and Kat left for Timbuktu...

The work was wonderful, quirky, just my cup of tea! Slightly on the edge of reality, or caught between here and there, not sure how to describe it... Anyway, I could very happily live with, and stare at for hours, quite a few pieces... A nice glass of wine and some tapas too, quite a few people I knew... And afterwards we stopped for a café con leche in one of the bars at Plaza Baja!

On my way home from work I stopped for coffee with a friend who had phoned me earlier and was waiting up near home at Plaza Alta[!], I got home about 3:30pm! But before I got home, before I could see our house, I could hear shouting, and people were hanging out of door ways, and upper balcons, when I came round the corner there was a woman shouting outside a doorway! Shouting at a poor woman standing opposite, and she turned the corner up towards the Ayuntamiento, when I got to the turn she was just standing there out of sight crying!

I got into the house a few minutes before there was a roar of noise and two police motor bikes came up the street, followed by a four x four with two more officers, followed ten minutes later by a police car, 6 police in total! All for this one woman who was still screaming about I don't know what! The older lady and a man seemed to be the reason she was having a temper tantrum!

It went on for well over an hour! I gave up, as did most of the people in the street, so not sure what happened to them all! There was a bit of a croud outside our houses and much talking, and laughter!

Oh talking of laughter, before I went into Cudeca this morning, friend and I were having a drink, té for me, don't know why I have to say what I was drinking, just outside a bar, the word *drink* makes me think, you will think, I mean alcohol!!

Anyway, I digress, as usual, so we're sitting there, chatting and laughing about something, and then something else, I mean, you have got to laugh haven't you? No need to be sad, or grumpy, or nothing... A woman was standing a couple of feet away, leaning on a wall reading a paper, I noticed her, but didn't think why was she there, or anything about her at all actually.... Until she closed the paper and said "ha ha ha... risa risa risa [laugh laugh laugh]" She then walked around us still going "ha ha ha" sounding so sarcastic! Into the bar she went, came out again without the paper, still looking at us doing the "ha ha ha, risa risa risa", then passed us again and still sarcastically going "ha ha ha"...

Franco has just said, in the Sur newspapers that the Alhaurín to Fuengirola road, will definitely open in December, a promise.... And English plated cars are being impounded....

Adió amigos


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