Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ok amigos... We're still in Frigiliana! Above, a church! We were sitting near it, waiting to be served, before leaving, as we never were, along with a few others who gave up!

This little house above was very funny! There were all these signs to the left/right/both doors, promising strange weird and wonderful surprizes for anyone who put 50c or 20c into the slot above the peep hole thingies! I put 20c into the door on the right and there was a kaleidoscope of colors! And that was it! Franco put 50c into the one offering a promise of a desert island, something like, he said "quick have a look at this" I did, there was a yellow[sand?] circle turning to represent an island maybe? Little cut out palm trees and a setting sun! I was just pulling my camera towards the hole to take a photo when a stream of water poured out of a thing at the top of the door!!!!! Muchas gracias!

We climbed these steps and turned a left at the top... the pathways around the town were all cobbled, although rubbed smooth from time, and patterned, very pretty....

If you look close, or zoom in, there is a restaurant through this pretty arch way....

And a view from the top! High high above the town... We were almost in the avocado patch by this time!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Oh your trip looks amazing Marian. So nice to be able to visit such lovely places.