Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Only me... No photos, the system is disabled for a couple of hours so shall just up date me!

Not much... Had doctors appointment this morning 10:08am, got there at ten to ten, just in case[s]...

Went in two hours later, yes you heard right, TWO HOURS!!!

I told her I had been taking the bp meds at night, the one tablet, she said it should have been taken in the mornings! I said I had asked the farmacia and that's what they said! I suppose if she had made her self clearer, I could have had this information from her!

And I do understand por la mañana, and por la noche! So!

She saw the readings were still too high so said for me to take two tablets, por la mañana! She also wrote, en español a note for me to translate when I got home!

I told her about a strange cough I had acquired soon after taking the meds, and she ripped up the note, and did a new prescription, I said, 2 tablets still, she said No 1!!!

Well I just went to the farmacia and got the tablets, and google'd them, glad I did, because I thought they were throat medicines! Turns out they're blood pressure medicines!

So good job I did check or I would have taken one of each!

I have to go back to see her in 15 days time, this time, and I hope I can find someone to come with me, someone who speaks fluent Spanish, well that's the easy bit, being in Spain!!! I suppose I mean, someone who speaks both Spanish and English! Or I wont be much better off will I!!!


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