Sunday, October 17, 2010

Testing this out, not sure if it will work, check out this route we did today! Google maps...

But before today's photos... batteries on charge anyway so cannot access my camera! I am not so clever as to have some others ready to pop in!

Here are more photos from Thursday's trip!

Above is the motorised wheel barrow! We only knew we could get through these streets because the trailer was wider than the car we were in!

This was the view from where we parked our car to have a walk about and an ice cream! There was a narrow river bed beneath... Think I took a photo of it? Manaña...

Nice statue of a mountain goat here! This is opposite the Spa...

The Spa of horror! After reading about them spraying the stuff into your throat and nose to make you better... Lounging in hot therapeutic waters sound great, having them thrust at you is a different matter indeed!

The wonderful hotel at the top of the mountain... This is probably not the most wonderful photo of it though!

Still lots more photos to come! Well I had been through a bit of a photo drought recently!


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