Monday, October 18, 2010

Well, after that long Blog, [to follow] confused? I have blogged already, but ran out of photo upload space, so here are the photos that belong with the blog below... And surely I cannot confuse you by now!

I have had to up load from my camera first, and rename! Stress! Well not so much stress and just too tired... But done now, hope you like them, five at a time, so will take most of week to get through!

Top pic from where we had parked the car looking up towards to village... Oh of Frigiliana of course!

In the village now... Starting the steep walk up hill, all the way!

Isn't this pretty... Its a shop and all the metal work is for sale!

There are many many twists and turns, we only covered a very small part of it, we know... Some spectacular views over to the Mediterranean... Glistening in the near distance...

These are very small, so zoom in better to see greater details!

and to the rest of today's Blog.....

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