Thursday, March 08, 2007

Blue Bells

these two photos are amongst my favorite i have taken, because i love blue bells, they are so glorious... these were taken in england, of course! i think in 2002, in ashridge forest, just up the road from where we used to live... at every turn they were picture perfect i think, millions of them... wonderful...

theyre out april/may, i think! used to seeing them there every year, now i havent seen them at all for nearly 5 years and cant be certain! maybe they will still be out when i am over early may, hope so.

it will be too late for the poppys that may be out now(?) they are out here, but we dont live where we can see fields of them.... when mom and i were doing a tour of italy we came across fields of sun flowers, fantastic, i will look for any photos of got of those, if i did, took six rolls of film and the tour was so much in so little time if it wasnt for the nearly two hundred photos we wouldnt remember what we saw in what order!

helluva wind last night here, the persianas were rattling at the windows and anything that wasnt fixed down was flying about the streets! i was amazed at some washing i had hand washed last night, put it out dripping wet at about 10pm and was bone dry by 7 this morning, one thing was a long heavy knitted coat thing that needed a final wash before putting away for the summer, and even that was dry, just them still being there was amazing though considering!

i am going to put a web link over there... beneath 'dads site' its a web cam down on the coast in torremolinas, i think its near to one of the estancos i was working in last year, and i will be checking it out soon, and if it is i'll let you know, i will enjoy waving like a crazy women at it in the hope that someone somewhere is laughing back at me!

Man can never stop dreaming.
Dreams nourish the soul
just as food nourishes the body.



Anonymous said...

Cool webcams!! I didn't see anyone waving yet, tho'!

And thank you for these bluebells -- I'd never seen any before! You live in a beautiful part of the world.

Hope you're feeling ok today.

Marian said...

lily... i know i must get down there and see the web cam! cant have y'all clicking on there if i havent even checked it out!

the blue bells. my favorite, but thats near where i grew up in england, living in spain now, very very different, more like california where i was born i think!

no head ache today, so thats good, sorry wearing out everyone who listens to my moaning... so thank you...
take care
love mx