Thursday, March 15, 2007

thursday again? impossible!

friday last week i went into malaga with friend from shop to another warehouse to buy some more goodies for her shop, it was the place where the 'bizarre' shops fill up from too, there was so much stuff, it was like a shop of sparkly shiney 'come and get me' goodies, our little chinese shop down the road X'd by 100! shelf upon shelf of things you dont really need, but look so much like things you do!

sunday franco pippa and i went to trocha market, good to see so many of our friends there, my every day coffee mate was even there with her husband, first time thy had gone.

weather has been good enough, bit cooler in the shade the last few days, sunday the market was freezing, well felt like it to me, bit of a breeze blowing through the car park its held in, probably was 20 degrees in the sun, but felt chilly inside!

yesterday i opened up the shop, got the computers all up and running switched on everything else and got the papers all out etc! ran the phone credit machine out of credit on the first customer! and then a lady wanted me to photocopy a print she had, blow it up to A3 fromA4 which i hadnt done and managed to do it! that machine frightens the life outta me, give me a computer any day rather than that photocopier machine with all those buttons and stuff!

tomorrow we're going down to the miramar parque, my friends want to shop in the new iceland store, the one i went for the job at and neve even had the decent call back from! humph! i'm going down with them so they can get some driving experience in and find the place, but thats it, i'll go have a coffee next door!

two trips to the post office yesterday to pick up the mail box mail for shop, first time i missed a delivery note and had to go back, after a first conversation where i made them laugh me saying en español it would take a hundred years to speak spanish, i then said 'no lo veo' (i dont see it) which of course wouldnt make sence would it, as i needed to use past tense, so she taught me the right thing to say 'no lo ve' i didnt see it!

had bad headache yesterday, took a strong ish tablet that didnt work in the morning, then a real bad guy tablet later, which took an hour to work... and then it was gone, the headache i mean! and it works that suddenly, aparently works on the blood flow at the back of the neck? and i was laying down in the dark, and suddenly... pain gone! got up and carried on with the day! the tablets are nearly 18€ for four, but worth every cent.

i also phoned another doctor in the afternoon, but didnt get any further than a receptionist i think, he wasnt there, i will try again, just sitting her these few minutes is agony! oh well keep smiling!

weird dream last night, part of it i was jumping on the spot, yes i know very strange, but the strange bit was, was that whilst up in the air i kind of hovered! so every jump i stayed in the air longer and longer, it felt so good just floating there... very very odd, i know what your thinking, it must have been those stronge tablets, and yes maybe your right......

There is no need to climb a mountain
in order to know that it is high



Anonymous said...

Oh, Marian.. you are such fun to read! I wish your headaches and fibromyalgia were already a thing of the past for you. Thank you for being so upbeat despite it all. You lift spirits greatly, I think.

forget me not said...

I agree 100%!