Sunday, March 25, 2007

we went to trocha market this morning, little bit empty, i think lots of the stall holders had forgotten to put their clocks forward!

thursday i at last visited a doctor! i phoned up thursday evening about 5pm, he only works monday to friday 430 to 9pm i think, anyway, got appointed for next day, arrived early by ten minutes but went in five minutes early too! was with him for 55 minutes! cost - 30€. he examined my joints and did all the usual doctor type things with blood pressure, low as usual, etc etc, he wrote out a prescription type thing for me to take to the local blood place!

this opens early and first thing friday morning i went to the place, i arrived five to nine, went straight into the chair and was out in five minutes, he told me the results would be ready about 430 that evening, now i left it to saturday morning but the farmacia was shut, so will collect tomorrow morning on my way into cudeca.

the comparason in england... when phoning to make the appointment i would have to wait about 2 weeks to see my own doctor, or a couple of days at least for another at same surgery. he would say to book an appointment with a nurse for the blood tests in the same surgery, but it would be a few days to a week for than, then another 7 to 10 days for the result... but for free, and i am not sure how much i have to pay tomorrow so will let you know!

tomorrow i am also, wait for this, going to leave cudeca! at the moment i am just not up to standing for over 4 hours, lifting and carrying and sorting through clothes, all the bending and stretching, i am now in so much pain through the night it is keeping me awake.... so its just helping my friend out three mornings a week for a couple of hours.

i am also concerned with what the doctor said, it could be arthritis, or sciatica, or 'just' my fibromyalgia, moved into my hips, a bit he showed me on a picture of the skeleton i cant explain.

he said if its the latter then i can try the nerve ending dulling drugs i tried before, so zombie time here we go again... if its something else well we can go from the results i suppose, but we dont have any health cover here, the contract i had doing the promotions job is only valid for during the job and becomes worthless the day the job finishes.

already he says i will have an ultrasound scan, well the last one i had here cost 90€ and of course each of his visits is about 20 or 30€ by the look of things, he also wants to send me for an xray, about 50€ i think... so! hey!

ok, now i have completly shot myself in the foot by talking about this out loud and getting myself fed up, when i shouldnt have, so i am going up onto the terrace for some sunshine, which i beleive is still free???

hah this quote is great for me today eh!

God, in his infinite wisdom,
hid Hell in the middle of Paradise,
to keep us on our toes.


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