Wednesday, March 21, 2007

yesterday morning i had an email from a cousin in new york, another of my cousins who passed on a while ago now, i never got to meet him at all sad to say, but now his wife has passed on, leaving a daughter and son and grandchildren... my thoughts are with them all, and i am so glad i got to see cathy one more time 18 months ago when mom and i went to my cousins wedding in new york.

my step mom, in california is also going through troubled times and its times like these that i wish so much i was nearer, or that it was just easier to 'be there...'

again harping on about jobs, sorry, but just a simple matter of having at least got one, all legal with a contract etc, would mean money in the bank for being where we want to be when we want to be there for others, and also of course, doctors for us too... if and when we might need one.

yet another women came into the shop today and mentioned her new job down at the place i applied at, and still they want people to work there!?! what shall i do? shall i phone, all afternoon since making the decision to phone i have been trying to find the number, for some reason its not in the phone books yet, or on any advertisments, or their web site even! i could go into the shop i suppose and just ask about my interview? or are all these blocks meant to mean its just not for me, signs i should be listening too? sometimes its like we're travelling in a maze, and at nearly every turn is a dead end and we have turn and turn again, not sure where to go next!

There is always a right moment to stop something.
(hmmmmm good quote for today eh!)



forget me not said...

You should storm the place, go there tomorrow, talk to somebody. At least you would know something!!

I have never waited for a call from someone for a job. I always went personally to ask and ended up getting it each time!

I know in the States it's practically impossible now to do that. Everything is done via internet. But I think in Spain you can walk right it. It can't hurt!

Anonymous said...

I agree! What's the worst that could happen, as opposed to the best that can happen?

Good luck. :-)

Anonymous said...

P.S. Yes, there is always a right moment to stop something. But rather, something like gravity or aging, yes? :-)


Marian said...

thanks you two... went into the shop on friday morning with a friend, there was so many staff, all rushing about filling shelves and pushing carts heavily laden with stock, and i thought do i really want this? i cant even push a cart for us, thats why i have it delivered, and none of them looked happy in their work either, so i dont know, i think maybe i'm not meant to do this.

sorry if i am now letting you all down by 'just leaving it be'
love mxx

forget me not said...

I think you're pretty smart!!

Come by my place...some things have changed.