Friday, March 16, 2007


no i havent been to china! but friends sent me a load of photos and i am going to include them on here, they are too good not to share with y'all. absolutly beautiful...


this morning we went down to the overseas shop at miramar parque.... me and friends husband had a coffee while she went in to buy a few bits of english food. i wouldnt go, no job, no purchases! i just wish i knew what was wrong with me for their job! and they still want staff??? i suppose i have the real hump with it dont i! i think this is the only job i have gone for and not got, which doesnt help, knocked my self thingy back hasnt it, put me in my place eh!

the thing thats annoyed me most is that they didnt even have the common decency to phone me to tell me i hadnt got a job! yesterday i did find their web address and wrote to the head office complaining of not getting a call, that i knew the shop had opened and that i was not getting it, but that it would be good to be told so! and why! the only thing about the interview that was odd was right at the end as we were leaving his office and he said to me ¨are you sure you dont mind working on a till?¨now that is a strange thing to say to someone applying to work in a supermarket dont you think!

The second indication of the death of our dreams is certainty.



Anonymous said...

I shall have to link to this of yours, too! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I wish your job situation were better.. I'll keep you in prayer for that, and for your health.

Marian said...

lily... thank you for your comments on today and yesterdays blogs, i am a very positive person i must agree, occasionaly i get down in the dumps, but always try to think 'happy'! and talking on here helps me a lot, sharing my thoughts and getting things out of my head!

thank you also for your prayers, we're a big circle of friendship here, mentally looking out for each other.

forget me not said...

Gorgeous photos Marian! Thanks for stopping by my place. You know I actually met a Mercadona Man in Tenerife??? There was a Mercadona about 50 meters from our apartment. He was a big burly guy with the sleeves of his t shirt rolled up to show off his tanned muscles...but he had a big pot belly!! (Nah, just kidding...there was a Mercadona girl at the checkout counter, and we saw no guys..)

Marian said...

FMN... you know i will have to take his photo for my blog! maybe tomorrow morning eh! i will ask him... lol, and try to explain why i want the photo for my blog! ¿que es 'blog' en español?

but you went to mercadona! muy bueno!
good to have you back home amiga.

Anonymous said...

Dang it, FMN had me going there for a moment -- it was exactly as I picture a Mercadona man!