Wednesday, March 28, 2007

this was a spectacular sky show on the way out one evening a couple of weeks ago, late posting it and just remembered i took the photo when we were driving over to la trocha.

work on monday... i didnt leave! the girls revolted! or were they just revolting!!! so i couldnt have them all leave, so i am staying for now and just not standing for too long or doing anything to akward lifting etc.

someone brought some stuff in, driving up the street parked out side and we brought it in, which is good in that we want things to sell of course all the time, the more new stock for us the better for us to sell on... but she left with us a childs buggy, one of those push chairs with a big wheel and two at the back, and a travelling cot. the first was just completly broken, the brake cable wire was torn and loose, the step for another toddler was hanging off, it wouldnt even open up anyway?! and the latter, the cot, only one side stayed locked once it had been clicked into place, the other three all folding back down into the cot!? yes great for a little baby in there! and so we had to carry the two very heavy items down and then lift into a bin in the high street... i have to ask why would someone bring two very dangerous items in to us? how much trouble we would be in if we sold things like this!

anyway i am putting off the first thing i should be saying and that is we took the results of the blood test down to the doctor monday evening and he said i do have osteoarthritis. so there we are. i am having more tests on friday on my liver etc, and am taking strong anti inflamatories twice a day, and an anti ulcer tablet once a day, to combat the effects of the inflamatories!

now i will have to see what not to eat and what might help, we eat so healthily already but have checked out a few sights surfing on here and see white rice, white bread and i cant believe this white pasta! should all be avoided1 how much pasta do i eat? tonnes! no really! although i always cook more than we eat, always have done, we could have a pasta mountain by now!

just one more thing before i go... its hard to tell what with the 'normal' pains i have with the FM, but i am sure that every single day the hip pain is getting worse, just lifting the washing from the washing machine, sitting, standing, driving, walking. i hope these tablets kick in soon.



Littlestorms said...

Osteoarthritis? Aw :-( how awful.. but who knows, perhaps the meds for it may even help the Fibromyalgia a little. Well, we will certainly pray for less pain!

What a beautiful photo. God love you, you're so good to everyone.

Marian said...

thank you so much for you kind words, came when i needed them most.

Littlestorms said...

I'll be praying for you.
We all will.