Wednesday, March 07, 2007

not much going on really just now.... well life is of course! work as usual in my two little spots! walking pippa every morning in the light now even! at just gone 7am, so having to make sure i look almost presentlable to leave the house, my hair is usually the bed head look during the day, but first thing! oh my goodness, so have to watch out for that now, dont want to scare the other early morning risers do i!

and not even a coat now, just a sweater and that bring me out in a 'sweat' if we go to fast!

i have given up trying to do without, but the healthy tablets my mom got me and that were helping out, are just not doing it for me any more, so i am back to taking pain killers big time, two every four hours to the max allowed.

was chatting to another dog walker monday morning and she knows of an english doctor in the next town and is going to get the numer for me, i know i am always against english things here, but i think on this one occasion i might give in. the local farmacy gave me the address of another doctor a couple of weeks ago as my time, and money is up, with the last one nearly, and not someone i want to go back to as i might as well of just thrown the money into the air, or at the least given it to someone who actually needed it (apart from us that is!)

and what with this and that and the other i hadnt got round to paying him a visit, and now i have heard of this new chap i'm glad i didnt, but i really do need to see someone about the pain in my hips, its ridiculous, although i guess i should be used to the fibromyalgia pain this is so much worse and makes all the previous stuff fade into nothingness.

ok nuff of that!

tomorrow i must post our mothers day cards off to wales and england for our moms, its a week on sunday, different day here in spain. strangely enough in england mothers day is nine months after father has had his day! what do you think of that!?! strange conection there do you think :-)

We are responsible for the Universe
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