Friday, March 02, 2007

here are a couple of interesting photograhes taken from the window at work at Cudeca, amazing how close to our window the new building is, isnt it! i man how on earth could the building plans have allowed this new library to be built right up to the windows in our building? ok we're 'just' a shop, and have no real need as such for this window, but there are peoples balcons up above, people who live and well, would also like to breath up there on them! with this right up close and very much personal!

the orange? i dont know i guess one of the builders thought we would appreciate it! who knows!

anyway.... we now have 12 hours of daylight again! yipeeeee! walking pip at 730 its light and at 730 in the evening the sun is just setting over the sierras, beautiful... i heard my first of this years cicadas singing in the evening the other day, and also same eveing i saw one of those awful processionary caterpillars! only one and i nearly did something really daft... tread on it! and then i would have spread it all over the street making the chance of a dog or cat get a taste and being very very ill, or dying, and i am quite sure pippa would have licked it too at home!

this morning we, friend and her husband, went to coín to sort out his social security paperwork, so he can see the local doctor etc as a pensioner. we just went into the town and parked, had a walk around, asked a few people, got back in the car and drove to where its moved to now! which is really easy, the instructions for it should read, take a left by Dìa supermarket and there it is! even more strange no one was waiting in the beautiful new building and they went straight up, sat down, and did what they had to do!

into lidl on the way past and home!

(read up on the terraza again today, in the sun - sorry it has to be done!)

The more you understand yourself,
the more you understand the world.


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