Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mothers Day

the photo above from the 'china' collection... what a spiritual place, just looking at this photo opens your heart and soul...

perfectly stunning...

gods green land....

i am going to run out of descriptive words pretty quickly am i not! i shall have to learn a few more, or really just dig them out of my mind, i know all that english lit i did in school is in there someplace, hidden in dusty corners of my brain... oops wrote brian then! so maybe 'brain was being too hopefull, just in my head shall we say then?

mothers day in england today, but lots going on in the vera cruz church behind us, wish you could hear the band playing, lots of people and cars, had trouble getting ours out due to double parking up there! on our way to la trocha market this morning, left pippa at home because of all the noise up there, they have been sending up rockets since about 8am and she is a quivering wreck now, my poor little baby...

after market went up to garden centre and picked out a nice climber plant, a Wisteria, shall put a photo on here soon of what it is supposed to look like, and then a photo of ours! pippa has dug up two other plants in the site its now in, but we have put up a high wooden fence around it this time!

at the garden centre we met friends, welsh, like franco! and talked about wales winning yesterday against england in the rugby! italy did good too, ¡bene fatto!

came home and rang our moms... i returned tony's call to me from earlier when we were out, he was more awake this time, my baby, wish both my boys were here with us today... and i know i know they are not babies any more, but we are always babies to our moms, i have been told!

franco got up in the middle of the night to watch the grand prix, but our signal was zero! so couldnt watch it, thank goodness its back now so he can watch the re-run this afternoon... i on the other hand know who won cos i asked a friend!

and apart from the telly we also are having the usual problems with the old boiler.... no not me! the water boiler! dont sure if its low pressure or lime scale, but its hot one minute and then freezing the next, ok when your washing up, but not such fun under the shower...... brrrrrrrrrrr!

adios amigos!

Do not struggle against your thoughts,
they are stronger than you are.
If you want to be free of them,
accept them.....



forget me not said...

So what are they celebrating in the vera cruz church that's getting Pippa all hyper??

those pics of China are gorgeous. I was supposed to go last March and it got called off at the last minute when we found out the company we were negotiating with didn't exist!! What did they have in mind once we got there?? Who knows, but it makes me more wary of going to that country, even though there are such beautiful awe inspiring places.

Marian said...

the celebrations we think were for today, for san jose, fathers day here in spain, our poor baby was so shaky!

tonight they are practising again, now for semana santa next month, they have been beating the drums so slow, for the slow march, its so somber and eerie...

the trip to china you nearly went on, i dont want to imagine what they had in mind, sounds very strange doesnt it!

these photos are fantastic though... beautiful.