Saturday, March 22, 2008

easter saturday

this is my article in alhaurí!

it felt very strange writing this instead of just blogging... it should have felt the same but as i wrote i turned into a journalist under pressure....!

franco kept on chatting to me about this and that and i was yes yes whatever! getting all stressed out, goodness knows what for, i am me and i just write what i write, i feel as i am talking to friends... and thats what life is about...



Anonymous said...

Well, it sounds (and looks) like it was absolutely wonderful.

And Marian, you sound (and look) like an absolute joy.


Marian said...

Thank you Carol ;-)
i'll check with franco... no, he says i am an absolute nightmare!! well sometimes!

Alhaurin Today said...

Hi marian it was a brilliant article and everyone loves it you have a real talent and your an absolutely star when's your next article coming lol

take care


Marian said...

this star is under cover of cloud! but thank you.... ;-)