Wednesday, March 12, 2008

well we got straight into summer here today forsure.... 25 in the shade and 38C/100F in the sun on the roof terrace this afternoon... wonderful! i think tomorrow i may even wear sandles and a skirt! shock horror! just leaves the turmoil of getting my pasty legs out!

yesterday we went down to franco's sister place by the beach for some finishing touches... the reform is stunning, i know they will be pleased when they see it.

i forgot to say... when i went into the bank on monday mi amigo had gone... he was missed in his absence, the bank have moved him on to another branch, he says he reads my blog... but never had a comment so?

lots of practicing of spanish in the shop today which is good, a local man who always pops in can now say 'hello' and 'bye bye'!!

we went to la trocha market today but it wasnt going on! so must find out why and if its on next week for franco...

all the details of whats happening here in alhuarín el grande over samana santa are in alhaurí looks like a busy week, and fingers crossed for the weather, you probably dont remember but it was rain all the way last year, even the crucifiction couldnt take place!!!

To teach is to show what is possible;
to learn is to make yourself possible.
The Pilgrimage


i suppose the above must sound strange to those of you with gas coming in through pipes etc, where you never even think of having to go out and buy a can of gas... where the bill coming in through the mail box is the only reminder... and never a thought to how much we have till the next delivery or which gas station/shop will be open so we can buy another.... arh! technology eh...

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Wow.. too hot!!