Sunday, March 23, 2008

oh tired tired tired.... at midnight last night Sábado Santo, Holy saturday, proceeded in our vera cruz church behind the house, by taking the body of christ and moving him to the purple church on the lower road and the Plaza del Convento for the live staging of the resurrection of Christ. we could hear lots going on, and today on and off all day...lots of rocket fire, poor pippa...

we had gone to bed by then as we had to be up early at 630am to go to the tivoli world market down in torremolinos.... well we were there but it wasnt! so at 815am we were on our way back home, its about a half hour journey down to the coast and tivoli, we had gone by way of mijas pueblo and the back way down to the 340 road... which is under heavy construction and not a way to drive for now ok! so coming home we just came directly along the 340 and just turned left up the alhaurín road, quicker and so much smoother!

we put 15ltrs of gas in the tank but at 1.08€.... well it got us there and back, but now it looks empty again! and what annoyed franco more than anything was the grand prix on early again this weekend, which means we missed the beginning, so all day we have avoided the news and are watching it now... well me with one eye!

we went out again later, we seemed to have built up a supply of surplus 'junk' by the back door, so this seemed an ideal opportunity after having to come past it to get our brick a brack in and out of the cave to get rid of the rubbish! and buy coffee!

i am still doing well with my new food habits, apart from the chocolate.... well? i am still sooooo craving sugar though, i thought by now i could kick the habit, chocolate isnt really sweet, well not after the sweet sugary caramel i was making all the time, and real sweet sweets i was eating!

last night i went round the neighbors for a drink, before they were off for dinner... yes a drink! i had a glass of red wine... not on my list of to haves.. but to avoid for a few months! and only a little... why do i sound so guilty? this is wrong i am a grown woman after all, allowed to drink by now surely!;-)

now see i have completely gone off track as usual, we were talking about stuff when a new treatment i had never heard of came up in conversation, one that has been helpful in fibromyalgia its called... oh i wish you could hear me say this and i could hear you back, because i know what some of you might think when reading this, at least on first seeing it if you havent heard of it either, because i had to clean up my mind! ok cant put it off its ROLFING!

i have put a link up there, and its ok, its clean, dont be a worrying!!! and i think it could be something worth looking into, trouble is when you have had something for so long and tried so so many things over the years... but who knows... and let me know if any of you have tried it please.

this next quote sounds like me! although not sure its a good one?

It is important never to relax,
however far you have come.
The Alchemist


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