Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

beautiful beautiful days after all that rain of last week.... spring is the air...

yesterday i went with friends down to los boliches area of fuengirola to check on a villa they are looking after, very nice huge place with heated out door pool... but, still prefer our little place here... we had coffee down on the paseo marítimo, in the torreblanca bit i think! it was nice though, apart from some bloke complaining about his coffee... why are people so rude, we actually thought it was a good cuppa!

we also went along to the miramar parque and popped into the electrical store and shoe shop and .... iceland! actually some of their prices have come down a bit recently... some of them!

i was hunting down the forms for the NIE number you can download and print out on the net yesterday when i came across a site for ordering them on line from england.... i am sorry but i have to include another site a link to which is here.... i have been so ripped off here by so many people i cant let anyone else, click on the link above and you can have the NIE form in translation sent to you and you can fill it out etc, all the instructions are above there, including noting that it costs nothing.... that is nada, nout, niente! not the 200 or 300€ on the site i came across, it is free apart from the cost of two passport sized photos and a photocopy of your passport! and ok its a pain, but all part of living here... everything is a pain when it concerns authorities, and paper work in general, you have to get to the police station early, line up with the rest of US foreigners, and come back to collect it!

but believe you me it is only just the begining, if you fall at this small hurdle you wont make here...

Making mistakes is a way of taking action.
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We use this gadget below... its great!

numbers hard to read sorry.... its 952595604 evenings, and 617945319, and email...


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, Marian.

Marian said...

ah bless you, thank youxx

Anonymous said...

Hiya really enjoy reading your blog its the highlight of my day. maria xxx

Marian said...

thank you maria! glad you enjoy it.... i better get blogging today or i will be in trouble!
take care,lovemxx