Wednesday, March 26, 2008

not sure weather to be hot or cold! was out on the terrace earlier catching the sun and reading.... now indoors and freeeezing! my hands are like ice! there is such a wind blowing the awning upstairs in making a racket and i thought something big had fallen over up there when mom and i were on the phone, pippa came running down, brave heart that she is, and franco ran up.... but everything looked ok!

the book i finished reading today was called A Foreign Affair, two innocents abroad in spain, by Shaun Briley... it was really very good, lots of funny stuff about us lot who move here, and a few of the trials and tribulations this couple went through. even though i live here now, i still enjoy any and all of these sort of books, the driving over lemons, etc etc, i guess it was the bottlebrush tree by hugh seymour-davies that motivated me so much when i first that, 20 years ago would you believe! gosh!

a neighbors cat spent the night up there tucked away in comfort and yesterday morning pippa did her usual run up the stairs growling to show she owns the place... usually just to scare away the odd reptile, but there was lola the cat! and lola went flying feet hardly touching the tiles and off through the railings at the front of the house.... i saw this bit, with frantic worry as there is about two foot of tiles on the other side then the drop down two floors to the road beneath! i rushed over... where was lola, ran down opened the front door, cant see the street directly infront of our house, and no cat, so i guess she did a rightangled turn as she fled... i was dreading see her laying there on the street poor ol gal that she is, she can move it when she needs to!

franco is going to the market on friday hopefully, at aquamania, and i see there is another market on sunday morning at the horse and donkey rescue centre at lauro golf, thats down the road oposite restaurant albatross on the de la torre road, and then a left at the bottom!

today i am quoting the words from my spanish lessons there on the right, as they change everyday and this is so lovely...

Cuando una brisa fresca bese tus mejillas, sentirás que estoy contigo.
When a fresh breeze kisses your cheeks you will feel that I am with you.


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Anonymous said...

Ola sounds like you'v had lots of fun, much better than my boring life. The sun is shining here today better than yesterday torrential rain all day.