Monday, March 31, 2008

summer is here... well maybe we should keep quiet last time we thought that we had a load of rain and high winds! and our water supplys are already low for this time of the year, april can be our wettest month, so we shall see!

meanwhile we are all making the most of the sun while we can still bear to be out in it! well us who live in town, where our terraces get up to 50 and just stay that way from end of june to beginning of september!

this afternoon when i got home franco and i went to see a man about a car! our car's iva (mot) is due in april, and we also need a new head light and part of our exhaust is sounding a bit noisy, actually it sounds like we driving around in a sports car not a corsa, so will let you know how it gets on and if it passes its test!

yesterday franco and i went to a car boot sale at S.E.P.E. the horse and donkey place between here and de la torre, was a good morning, afternoon! surrounded by horses and stuff! people came in fairly consistantly the whole time, and we sat and relaxed and chatted, missed the paella though it came out when we left! we just about made even after the price of the pitch and coffee and bacon butty! note... must buy new flask and take food!

when we got home yesterday i had a right paddy about something going on in the town hall behind the house... we had had to park elsewhere due to the signs up threatening the grua, which was fine... but all those people who were throwing food and fruit over onto our properties... we know who you are... your on the cctv, and when i see you..... what is it with people who throw food like that? why would you? grown up people as far as we can see? and if theyre kids, what are the parents telling them about how to behave...

mind you, its only a bit of food isnt it... seeing the news about the parking/driving fines in the uk, caught on cctv and then comes the fine! what am i moaning about? i think i'v just had too much sun and now i am getting all heated up, and i am trying to do some thing on here and its all g o i n g f a r t o o s l o w.... and franco is threatening to put MSG into my dinner... help!!!

The closer you get to your dream,
the more your personal legend
becomes your real reason for living.
The Alchemist


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Anonymous said...

Ola how lucky you are to have hot weather while we are just freezing over here. It is bitterly cold here today. As for the idiots throwing food over your properties, you really need to take pity on them because obviously they must be a bit backward, shame! Have a good day.Maria xx