Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sticky Toffee Pudding!

well i am working 'off line' to do this this morning... electric is coming and going like the flick of a switch, we always laugh about our electric supply, we dont think we are actually linked to any other street, when ours goes off its only our street, or so it seems, so possible we are plugged in to a lamp post down near the 12 fountains or near abouts!

what weather yesterday.... thunder storms and lightening all morning, great to see, and then the rain that had started the evening before carried on more or less all day and evening, and this morning also, although right now its a strange looking sky, lots of grey and white fluffy clouds allowing just a sprinkling of the blue to show through.... yesterday while it was throwing it down i checked to see the weather down on the web came there in my links... it was 26.6 wow, and there were people walking about in tshirts and shorts... unbelievable eh! only half hour away, but thats how it is here, this side of the sierra de mijas one weather front, and coast side another! but as i watched the temperature there started to go down and it had reached 22 and cloudy before i got bored and clicked the off button!

have the radio on just now, but cant find with this little chap! and have to have it near the window or we cant get anything, bit like our mobile phones!

have heard now of a couple of people who have gone to have an intolerance test done at life line... after reading my remarks here, which is great news, anyone who goes let me know how you get on please!

we have, did i tell you? the big light up on our house now.... yes yes i did... well one of the bands only came up our street last night during the proceedings, but i think we have to put it on this evening for the big procession, i coiled up the cable yesterday morning as i realised it had been laying in rain water all night.... great! plug that in and blow up all of alhaurin during the festivities eh!

ok electric back.... for a minute maybe, at least long enough to copy and past this i hope, if only fingers would hit the right keys...

oh and if your wondering.... why the sticky toffee pudding up there in the title? i am still having trouble with this windows vista and although i can open up a new folder, opening up a new page inside it is eluding me... so i blogged away in my recipe section under sticky toffee pudding!

Sometimes we have only ten minutes
to be with the love of our life
and thousands of hours
to spend thinking about them.
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