Friday, March 28, 2008

how many times do i have tales to tell of the local correos (post office)? too many i hear you saying, but thats how it it! today so so many people waiting and until the last minute of me being served only one person serving! i know this isnt england, thank goodness most of the time.... but whats going on here... i got my box of POB mail and then everyone behind seemed to give up and just go to the counter, i thought a war was going to break out, i even threatened one man with the shop stamp i had in my hand! that made everyone stop... and laugh!

also today in the post office a lady needed to sign an aviso (delivery note), she couldnt write i guess because she asked for ink and put her finger print to the aviso instead... i have seen this here before...

but first things first, i have been trying to pay our water bill for nearly two months i guess, not received another yet, so cant be more than that, i went into my bank but the lady said it wasnt yet set up to make a payment, this was the day after it came, so i waited till the next week, still not possible to pay the 14€ bill... i tried again then, things being as they are at the moment just left it!

then wednesday franco signed for something at the door, it was the water bill, plus a 5€ fine for slow payment! well i have been trying to pay it! the guy was knocking on nearly all the doors down our street! they must make thousands on fines every other month! so yesterday i went to another bank to make the payment, but was refused from one and tried another (heck!) and twas told no has to be paid now it includes a fine at the office up c/Real! so this morning earlier than usual, just in cases! i went to the office and he took both old and new facturas (bills), typed in the number and threw them in the bin! i said... ah muy bien señor! they all laughed at my pretending he was getting rid of the debt like that! but no he was printing out a whole new bill for me to pay... in a bank... next door, which i did! humph!

today i lady came in the store who seems to attract lost dogs... she just finds them, or i think they find her, she is santa francesca here in alhaurín el grande, and today she had a small brown pup in a carry case to make a visit to the vets, he was found yesterday hanging by his back legs tied to a tree.... hungry and thirsty and well we know what would have followed... how can anyone live with themselves doing this to another life? what sort of person? the fines for this abuse here and now massive but its catching the people thats so hard to do.

should have put this bit earlier as after the pup bit, dont feel good mentioning franco did a car boot sale today and did real good! but he did, thank goodness! down at aqua mania.

Feelings should always be allowed to be free.
You should not judge a future love
by past suffering.
By the River Piedra
I Sat Down and Wept


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