Tuesday, March 04, 2008

hola amigos,

tuesday already! weather been good, 25 yesterday in the shade..... lover...ly!

yesterday franco and i went to Día in coín for our groceries but it was shut! a supermarket that shuts during the day... even in spain this is strange, so día shuts at 14.30 monday to thursday and is open all day fridays and saturdays...

we went instead to lidl and bumped into friends there and had a good chat in the way of the poor girl who was cleaning the floors!

its hard now finding foods without MSG, it looks like it effects fibromyalgia alot too, we found something else about its effects on FMS that was written years ago... wish i had seen that before now...

tony and steph are coming out on holidays here in a months time, cant wait!

It is necessary to be humble in order to learn...


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must get a better photo on here soon!

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