Monday, March 10, 2008

March winds doth blow....

here in spain too! as in not just in the UK! we had 20 mph gusts sunday...

but getting back.... or rather going back, i have had a migrane.... i used to get two a month sometimes didnt i, and i cant even remember when the last one was, how quickly we forget, as 'they' say! i have been having them regularly for nearly... well forever, and there has been the odd five or six months without, and this is one of those times, i have had headaches but this was a full blown knock me over and out job! went home thursday went to bed about 3 or 4pm and didnt get up till saturday at 8am! lots of all the normal horrid migrane stuff if you know what i mean with out going into the finer details! so saturday i was still headachy and disoriented, just in my PJ's all day till the late afternoon and we walked carefully down into town and back, not in my PJ'S! then yesterday we had our pitch down at tivoli world in torremolinos! had to get up at 630am! nice, after so much sleep its hard for the next few nights to get back into a routine...

i have skimmed of a bit of excess weight, not i know before anyone who knows me starts to scream at me do i need to lose any ok! but just not eating potatoes, cerials (well much)! or any sweet vegitables, pasta or rice, and a quite few other things too! the first week i lost 6lbs and then i lost another 4lbs the next week, and stabilized there which i thought i would, but as usual with a migrane i have lost another 4lbs with not eating for over 24hrs etc!! now these 4lbs will go straight back on as usual i hope, because now i really dont feel well, and i can only eat such small amounts despite feeling hungry prior to eating.

i digress as usual... so...

we had to be ready to get into the market about 815, which we were and lined up to be advised where to pitch up, after removing the car the bloke told us to move to a better spot as we only had one table, so we were placed between the path for the toilets and the entry road for the marketeers! great selling spot... NOT!

and then we had the strong wind! blowing everyones stock all over the place and the fountain water like a shower over those near enough! not us at least!

it was beautiful and sunny and after a while i managed to take off the sleeves of my jacket and did get quite a nice tan... i think this was all most of the people got yesterday, not very busy for anybody, but we will keep on returning, and now with three tables and not get squashed out!

We learn to fight and we grow strong by fighting.
The Valkyries



Anonymous said...

Oh, it sounds wonderful.
:-) I hope your migraines will take a permanent hike..those are so bad, and I'm sorry you had another.

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing I hope you have completely recovered from the migraines and the market scenario