Monday, March 17, 2008

pippa is poorly.... she has gastroenteritis and was bad all of saturday and night, so after a one am call to vets, took her along on sunday where she had four jabs, and was told nil by mouth for 24hrs, franco took her today where she had the same jabs again and given some special food to cover the next 24hrs and then she has to go again... my poor baby, the vet said she may have got in from the bones we give her... we buy her the pig skins type, she said theyre not good, but they do sell them there at the vets... its the second time she has had this now, the other was over two years ago.

the easter celebrations are going better this year so far... no rain! out neighbors had a bit of a smoky fire saturday evening and were smoking out the show going on up at the church! oooops!

my head is still achy and my neck and shoulders... been a week now, i think that last migrane really upset my bones again... even my eye balls ache!

friday we went up to the aqua mania boot sale to see how it is and about up pitching up there this week... must find out if its on as its easter friday... we are gong to the laura golf on sunday forsure.

Everyone has their own way of learning. The Alchemist



Anonymous said...

Wow, poor Pippa. Yes, the vet told us not to give our dog those pig ears.. I forget why he said not to, but our dog was almost 90 lbs., so if it were for digestion reasons, then there must be one heck of a problem with them!

Well, I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better.. May God give you and yours a wonderful Holy Week, Marian.

Marian said...

Justme... thank you, and happy easter to you and yours also, love mxx

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Pippa I hope she gets better soon, its horrible when animals get ill because they can't tell you. I hope you recover hundred percent as well. Wish I was coming out to Spain the weather is horrible here. Happy Easter to you all and i'l speak to you soon. xxxx