Saturday, October 17, 2009

above a little known view of Nottingham..

bit late blogging today, didn't yesterday and now wish i had started earlier, spent too much time *Tweeting* and playing solitaire, so now hands having major problems... "but i must carry on..." did someone else say that? or is it just me!!

anyhow, my last blog was sad with news of two people i knew who have died, both of cancer last week, and of course, coming in 3's news of the third came last evening, my mate here called to say her landlady who was only in her 40's had died of cancer, had been battling for about 3 years and lost her fight this week....

well now i have started with sad news not sure where to go from here... so will just start with this morning, nothing unusual even the on going work now in the street down the road! they have been hammering since 7am this morning! i think they had a break but they're still at it now! couldn't believe it when i got woken up before the alarm again today, i wondered if they might make it a bit later for the weekend, but no, in the pitch dark they began working on the roof of the house, and as i say we're a street away, their neighbours must be loving it!!! so then it was a normal walk for Pippa and i, then i went down into town about 10am to visit aforementioned friend in the Animals in distress shop, to give her a hug, have a chat and let her say what she needed to say... then i came straight back home!

after a bite of lunch i got Pippa together again and we went out in the car to run an errand... i did leave her in the car for 2 minutes... but she started a chain reaction of all the dogs in the neighbourhood... so had to get her outta there! she was disturbing the peace!

i hadn't driven the car since last Sunday coming back from Malaga, it started fine, but i had charged up a battery charger thingy we have, just in case! doing a longer run on Monday down to Calahonda, not looking forward to that, its harder to drive now with no power steering, and i hadn't driven for ages... in fact i think it may have been as long back as when Barry was visiting! six months! i cannot believe i have gone for so long without driving...

a price comparison for you... in England, Tesco 0.630kg of chicken breast is £6.99, that's hugely expensive isn't it! i bought 0.650kg in our local, therefore more expensive corner store, for 4.88 euros, (about 4 pounds), and it's 7.50 euros for a whole kilo there... i did notice back in blighty how expensive shopping is, i know it seems to have gone up here, and if you want to only buy British(???) then that of course is muy caro! by and large food is still more economical here in Spain.

ok amigos, that will be it for today... dinner done and dusted, well washed up! i think i will get it put away and have a coffee now...

take care amigos...

When you read a book, you hold another's mind in your hands.
James Burke


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