Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Notre Dame...

Shall we move on to Notre Dame? about time i think! that's if i can! i had to load these pic's twice, so lets hope they stay here while i am working... not sure if its the connection or my note book as its doing all sorts of weird things... another weird thing... well sort, was paused just nnow on the phone to Mom, the call got cut off and 2 seconds later it rang again, i thought it was my Mom getting back to me, but some women says "can i speak to Mr so & so", i said, no one of that name here, and she answered "well let me tell you how this call can benefit you" i asked her to repeat herself twice, it sort of didn't make sense as she wasn't calling to speak to me in the first place! and i said, "benefit me?? sorry have to go, have another call coming in!" another con merchant out to rob no doubt!

anyway, back to the subject here! Notre Dame... what a spectacular cathedral indeed...

took lots of photos of this wonderful place... first i went to light a candle... popped the coin in a box and picked up my T-light, and i couldn't light it! but a passing American helped me!

not sure these do justice but will give you the idea of the grandeur...

look at these arches....

ok... today Tuesday! walked down in town this morning, so good to be home... seeing all those familiar faces... visit to the animals in distress shop, visit to the insurance, had forgotten to tell them our house number had changed! not the house, just the number!!!

picked up a couple of local free news papers... seems our area is turning into the wild wild west! gun hold ups, knife hold ups, bank robberies and stores.... they will pulling over our wagons and demanding our jewels and gold crowns next! oh they are already it seems!

had coffee with friends who told me of their visit for coffee at a bar at the refugio near Marbella, on the Ojen road... apparently there is a wonderful restaurant there, a huge park area etc, and for a small amount of money you can have lunch and two hours in a bedroom!!! i guess to relax and let your food go down???

also in one of the papers they are on about Christmas already, well it is all over the place in shops back in Blighty and here no doubt also! anyway... they say "drop a dress size for Christmas"!! i think if you have to, or need to i guess, just do what i did when i started that food elimination thing to find out about me MSG problem... that first week i didn't eat any wheat products, potatoes, rice, or pasta! and i lost 7lbs! all these things bloat and make alcohol in your stomach, yeast in other words! moderation in these foods maybe!

Pippa's *clicker* is working well, the instructions to give a treat when the dog stops doing something wrong didn't work, she got into my jeans and just ate all the treats! but i find, just two clicks and the word NO is working just fine! time will tell, but already just holding the clicker is making her pause and think....

i have decided to dig out my eat to beat arthritis books, they arrived i looked at the covers and placed them high on the shelf where they have moved about a bit but not read thoroughly... now i am after the last few months, looks like chocolate must be a moderation thing for me! great! and spinach(?) few other things too, although if no improvement chocolate will be the first to make a huge come back! rhubarb is very bad! it contains oxalic acid, which inhibits the body's ability to absorb calcium and iron from other foods. the acid is concentrated in the leaves which are poisonous, and if you cook the rhubarb in an aluminium pan the acid juice dissolves aluminium from the surface of the pan!!!

its this acid found in smaller amounts in spinach, sorrel and my favourite chocolate! when i was England i was eating, chocolate, spinach and rhubarb yoghurt's all the time, at least one or more of these every single day! no wonder i am having such a bad flare up!

and on this note i must end, have a coffee... ok ok i know caffeine isn't great either, but i bought some green tea to have as an alternative during the day, and evening! heck!


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