Monday, October 19, 2009

Yeah... one day to go before i pick up my honey from Malaga airport... cannot wait! well i have to, but not for long!

yesterday Pip and i had our daily constitutional and then that was it! i watched *the Bucket List* movie.... Mom said it was good, it was... and tearful at the end of course and all good movies like that should be, about two men who have six months to live and go through as much of a *bucket list* as they can... well worth watching.... don't forget the hankies!

this morning i got brave and got in the car again! not like me at all, but what with the state of the car and the state of my hands i wasn't at all sure if both of us would make it to the coast and back in one piece, i took the battery charger for the car... and a sprinkling of good luck for me! worked ok, both of us, bit touch and go down, this awful road out of Alhaurín el Grande is still a nightmare, i rested briefly in the gas station to put some gas in the tank! then a bit more bumps and humps before heading out towards Mijas pueblo... then it was down to coast, i took the toll road... and paid the price at Calahonda... saves about 20 minutes.

i had coffee with friends and a good natter, before heading off and back to the car(!) my second coffee date was in a bar further up Sitio de Calahonda! i took directions from two friends she was with in Spanish and English mixed... but some how i went straight to it! we sat out in the wonderful sun, well some of us, we were sol y sombra, some in sun some in shade! and had to keep shifting table and chairs to keep up with it! had a few tapas... and two hours later i left to come home... via Ojen this time, i couldn't manage the bumps again, it took about 10 minutes longer mas o menos, but its a fast road, i even managed to over take some cars... and no they were not stationary!!!!

Pippa acted like i had been gone for days! poor gal, i guess she must wonder when i go out if i will come home at all!

well tomorrow all will be well and as it should be again... well till my December trip! but its only two weeks!

hasta pronto amigos!


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