Thursday, October 15, 2009

random photos of Paris...

our first evening sat at a nearby restaurant, wonderful food a glass of wine... and a delishesly drunken rum ba ba for desert! the sponge soaked in rum i am used to, but a whole tot of rum also... phew, we couldn't string two words together!

we got the giggles when Mom miss heard something i said, i said, shame they don' i t have that coffee with foam in side... (a macchiatomeant!) she roared with laughter and said "what! a coffin with a phone inside!!!"

we couldn't stop laughing, it hurt!

above The Ritz, from where Princess Diana left on the fateful night of her death...

The Arc de Triomphe!

the underside of a wooden and metal bridge over the River Seine..

y final... what a great looking building... this we passed every day and is just down the road from our hotel! reminds me, a bit, of the building in New York... the cheese wedge!

not had good news today, a man who owned an apartment down where we used to lived has lost his battle with cancer last week, and today the dad of a friend of ours out here is being buried.... back in England, Marks dad was a great singer, one Christmas day dinner in their restaurant he sang New York New York for Mom, wonderful singer, wonderful guy... he also died of cancer, only very suddenly, not like our friend above who had numerous operations and suffered badly over quite a few years. Marks dad had aches and pains, and thought it arthritis, went to the doctor with a back ache and it turned out to be cancer, i think of his liver, kidneys and bone... thus the aching joints! bit frightening isn't it...



Christine said...

Hi Marian
Long time since I wrote anything but I read your blog every day I am coming to La Cala next year for 10 days we must meet this time for coffee.When you spoke of Mark and his dad I think it must be the Mark from Bogarts who we new very well also his Dad sang New York to a lady the Christmas day we were there for dinner it was a great day.It must have been your Mum and you were obviously there how strange is that we may have even spoken to one another.Keep up the blogs they are so interesting Love Chrissie

Marian said...

Chrissie... wow i just got goose bumps! and yes you can tell from that,Mark from Bogarts dad it is!

if we didnt speak we must have at least seen each other, how strange is life eh! i am visiting with Marks mom in-law-on Monday, she will get goose bumps too!

and yes when your here we have to meet for coffee.

thank you for staying with me on my journey of mad ramblings!take care, love mxx

Christine said...

Hi Marian

We also new Kims mum and her Dad before he died she may remember us We used to wave as we passed her apt near El Zoco Im sure Mark mentioned Alf to her when he died as Mark came from Stanford le hope which is a few miles from where I live

Chris x x

Marian said...

Heck Chrissie! thats where i met Pat & Doug, we were close neighbours! and remain close friends... as we also lived on that top floor there at El Zoco, we were at Doug's funeral. Sad sad day.

i am sure Pat will know you! will mention it on Mondays blog.

Mark & Kim will be back in a few days from where Marks dad lived.

take care,